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Professional American Male Voice Talent

Storytelling. It's the foundation of any good corporate video. Stunning images and video may grab your audience's attention, but the human voice holds it. So don't skip the voice over in your corporate anthem or explainer that showcases all that you and your company do.

You need a voice that is confident, but relatable. Friendly and warm, but bold and inspiring. You need a voice that truly represents all the good qualities of your brand, product, or service. Let me be that voice.

Let me be The Voice of Your Enterprise.


Jim Kirk's voice COMMANDS attention and ENGAGES audiences like a tractor beam. With the perfect voice for corporate narration, e-learning, explainers, audio tours, and commercials, Jim is a VERSATILE voice talent. Attention to detail, high-quality audio, and WARP SPEED delivery all make working with Jim a breeze! Make sure your messages stands out from all the noise. 


Hire Jim to be The Voice of Your Enterprise.


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