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Hi, I'm Jim!

No, my middle name is not Tiberius.
And while I may not command 
the Enterprise, I'd love to be the voice of your Enterprise.

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm also a Trekkie. So fair warning: Star Trek references ahead!

Like Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, my voice will
COMMAND attention...
ENGAGE your audience...
and pull them in like a TRACTOR BEAM.

In other words, I can Boldly tell your story... like it's never been told before!
In all seriousness, I believe in the power of stories. It's how we as humans have been learning and connecting with each other for thousands of years. Stories help us make sense of our confusing world. And for you, whatever your project, you have a story to share with your audience. That story deserves a great voice to bring it to life. I'd be honored to be that person.
I have professional training as a voice actor with well known and respected voice talent and coach Anne Ganguzza. I also work out of a professionally equipped home voice over studio, outfitted with
  • Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone
  • Steinberg UR 22 mkII audio interface
  • M2 MacBook Air computer
  • Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Headphones
  • Presonis Eris 3.5  Studio Monitors
  • Acoustical Sound Treatment
  • Source Connect Standard for remote live recording
In my past, I worked in the airline industry, for a few different airlines. I've loaded bags, worked the ticket counter and gate, cleaned planes, and handled operations on busy nights full of delays and cancelations. While everyone has a horror story involving an airline, it's actually my experiences working for the airlines where I developed a sense of customer service. (I know, the words "airlines" and "customer service" rarely go together.) Despite what you may think, as an airline ticket and gate agent, I really did care about my customers and did help many, many people find creative ways to get to their destination. When you're caught in a difficult situation, it gives you a opportunity to be at your best and to shine. I bring this experience into the booth with me to help you find creative ways to get your project done. Nothing is too out of the box. We can find a way, and we'll get it done. 
I've also been a middle school English and history teacher, with over 15 years of experience in the classroom. My experience here also helps me in the booth, especially when I'm recording long form narration or e-learning projects. These types of voice over require a voice that can sustain interest and energy over long periods of time. That's definitely a skill I developed as a teacher. Last period on a Friday? The toughest audience you could ever imagine. But if I can keep jaded 13-year-olds engaged and interested, imagine what I can do for your audience. 
When I'm not in the booth, I spend time in my yard and playing with my kids. I have two of them: a boy and a girl, and they're both elementary school age. I'm right in the sweet spot with them, so I try not to miss any opportunities to be with them. Despite all the t-shirts and coffee mugs, I am the real #1 dad, and I plan to keep it that way. So if anything does come between me and your project, it'll probably be my kids. So far though, we always seem to be able to work it out. :-)
If you've actually read this far... thanks! I want you to know that I believe strongly in doing the best possible job for each and everyone of my clients. If you are looking for someone with impeccable attention to detail, professional quality audio, excellent customer service, a kind and caring attitude, warp speed turnaround (you didn't think I'd forgotten about the Star Trek references, did you?), and a great voice... then I'm your guy. I look forward to working with you!
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