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How to Direct a Voice Actor: Tips for Getting the Best Performance

Are you tired of hearing the same old, tired voices on your audio projects? Do you want to inject some life and personality into your audio creations? Then it's time to direct your voice actor like a pro! With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to coax the best performance out of your voice actor and create audio gold. So, grab your megaphone and let's get started!

Here are my top tips for directing your voice actor and getting the best performance possible:

Be the captain of the ship

First and foremost, you need to establish yourself as the captain of the ship. This means that you need to be confident in your direction and not afraid to make decisions. Your voice actor is looking to you for guidance, so don't be wishy-washy. Be assertive, and if they don't like it, just remind them who's the boss (you are, obviously).

Embrace your inner drama queen

Directing a voice actor is a lot like directing a soap opera. There's drama, there's passion, and there's a lot of overacting. So embrace your inner drama queen and let your voice actor know that you want them to really sell it. Encourage them to be over-the-top, to chew the scenery, and to really let loose. If they're not sweating by the end of the recording session, you're not doing your job right.

Be their hype man

Your voice actor needs to feel confident and supported, and that's where you come in. Be their hype man, their cheerleader, their biggest fan. Tell them how amazing they are, how talented they are, how their voice is like honey to your ears. Give them the confidence boost they need to deliver the best performance possible.

Get physical

Directing a voice actor isn't just about what you say, it's also about what you do. So get physical! Use your body language to convey your directions. If you want them to speak louder, raise your arms. If you want them to slow down, make a stop sign with your hand. If you want them to be more animated, start doing the robot. It's like a game of charades, but with more ridiculousness.

Use bribery

Let's face it, we all have our price. And your voice actor is no exception. Use bribery to get the performance you want. Promise them a pizza party if they nail the take, or offer to buy them a unicorn if they really go above and beyond. The sky's the limit when it comes to bribing your voice actor, so get creative!

Bring in a therapist

Recording can be a stressful experience, and sometimes your voice actor needs a little extra support. That's why you should consider bringing in a therapist to the session. A licensed professional can help your voice actor work through their anxieties and get into the right headspace. Plus, it's a tax write-off!

Have fun

Last but not least, don't forget to have fun! Directing a voice actor can be a blast, so don't take it too seriously. Laugh, joke around, be silly. Your voice actor will appreciate the lighthearted atmosphere, and it'll make for a better performance overall.

In conclusion, directing a voice actor is all about confidence, drama, and bribes. Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to getting the best performance possible. And if all else fails, just remember to have fun and let your inner drama queen shine!


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