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Why I'm a Voice Actor

Becoming a voice actor is a dream for many people, and for good reason. The appeal of this profession is not only in the ability to bring characters to life and bring stories to the forefront, but also in the limitless potential for creativity and expression. (Not to mention being able to work in your pajamas most of the time!)

For me, the journey to becoming a voice actor started at a young age. Growing up, I was always fascinated by cartoons, video games, and other forms of media that utilized voice acting. I loved to imitate not only my favorite characters (Ernest P. Worrell was always one of my favorites!), news anchors, the safety spiel voices for Disney attractions, and booming "Voice of God" announcers in movie trailers. I was captivated by the way voice actors could bring characters to life, bringing their personalities and emotions to the forefront in a way that was simply mesmerizing.

As I got older, I started to realize that I too had a talent for voice acting. I have a naturally expressive voice, and I have always been able to mimic different accents, tones, and inflections with ease. With this realization came the desire to pursue voice acting as a profession.

The beauty of voice acting is that there are no strict rules or limitations. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want, allowing you to bring your own unique style and perspective to each role. Whether you're playing a hero, a villain, a quirky side character, or a doctor in a medical training video, the possibilities are endless.

One of the things I enjoy most about voice acting is the process of recording. The studio is a controlled environment where you can fully immerse yourself in your performance, allowing you to bring your character to life in a way that feels real and authentic.

The process of recording is also a collaboration between the voice actor, the director and/or client, and the sound engineers. This collaborative atmosphere allows for creative exploration, as each member of the team brings their own unique ideas and perspectives to the table. This collaboration often leads to unexpected and exciting moments that only serve to make the final product even better.

Another aspect of voice acting that I enjoy is the diversity of the projects. One day you might be recording a video game, the next day a commercial, and the next day a corporate video or e-learning course. This variety keeps the work fresh and exciting, allowing me to tackle new and challenging roles on a regular basis.

One of the most rewarding aspects of voice acting is the impact it can have on people. Through our performances, we have the ability to touch people's lives, bringing stories to life that they can relate to and be inspired by. Whether it's a child discovering a love for a character they heard in a cartoon or an adult who is moved by a poignant moment in a video game, the impact that voice actors can have is truly remarkable.

Voice acting is a truly special profession that combines creativity, collaboration, and impact. It allows us to bring stories to life and touch people's lives in a way that is truly unique. It's an incredibly rewarding experience, and I'm grateful to be able to do this work every day. If you're looking for a voice actor for your next project, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to work with you.


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