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Voice Over

Get your customers talking...

with a unique, custom phone voice.


The problem with most phone systems is that they all sound the same:

"Your call is important to us, please stay on the line"

"All of our representatives are busy..."

"Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed"

If your phone system sounds like that, your customers could be on the phone with any company, not just yours. 


With a unique, custom phone voice from me, your customers will know immediately that they've reached your company, and they might actually enjoy calling you!

Turn your phone system into a talk trigger.

A Talk Trigger is something that gets your clients talking about your business.

Many successful companies do one small thing that gets customers talking about them.

  • Doubletree Hotels hand out warm chocolate chip cookies at check-in.

  • The Magic Castle hotel in Los Angeles has a Popsicle Hotline phone by the pool.


Talk Triggers spur word of mouth and get people talking about your business. Even the carpet pattern used in the Portland airport has become a talk trigger. You can Google all of these if you don't believe me. You should also check out the book Talk Triggers by Daniel Lemin and Jay Baer. They explain it pretty well. 

I think your phone system should be a talk trigger. Stand out from the crowd with a unique, customized, entertaining, and fun phone system voice. Your customers should know they've called you, right away, because your phone system is unique and different.


Jim Kirk's voice COMMANDS attention and ENGAGES audiences like a tractor beam. With the perfect voice for corporate narration, e-learning, explainers, audio tours, and commercials, Jim is a VERSATILE voice talent. Attention to detail, high-quality audio, and WARP SPEED delivery all make working with Jim a breeze! Make sure your messages stands out from all the noise. 


Hire Jim to be The Voice of Your Enterprise.


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