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Professional E-Learning
Voice Talent

If I can engage 12- and 13-year olds, imagine what I can do for your audience! As an English and history teacher with 15+ years of classroom experience, I know a thing or two about engaging an audience. 

You need a voice that is confident, but relatable. Friendly and warm, but knowledgeable and supportive. You need a teacher behind the mic for your e-learning course or video.


Let me be that voice.

Let me be The Voice of Your Enterprise.

Explainer Video Voice Over Talent
If I can engage this audience...

Imagine what I can do for yours.


Jim Kirk's voice COMMANDS attention and ENGAGES audiences like a tractor beam. With the perfect voice for corporate narration, e-learning, explainers, audio tours, and commercials, Jim is a VERSATILE voice talent. Attention to detail, high-quality audio, and WARP SPEED delivery all make working with Jim a breeze! Make sure your messages stands out from all the noise. 


Hire Jim to be The Voice of Your Enterprise.


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