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Deciphering Voiceover Budgets: Unveiling Audience Size in Broadcast vs. Non-Broadcast Realms

voice over audience size budget
Audience size matters when setting a voice over budget

Greetings, fellow explorers of auditory wonders, directors, and enthusiasts of the voiceover craft! Welcome to an enchanting exploration through the captivating world of voice acting budgets, where we unravel the pivotal role of Audience Size within the realms of broadcast and non-broadcast environments. Join me for a whimsical journey adorned with wit, wisdom, and a touch of theatrical flair as we unveil how audience size molds voiceover budgets in these distinctive landscapes.

If you're new here, the acronym F.A.S.T.E.R. is one way I help clients understand how to budget for their voice over and to help me give them an accurate quote faster and up front so there aren't any surprises down the road. In this series of blog posts, we're diving deep into each letter and why your voice actor needs to know this information, but here's a quick recap:

F - FOR WHAT? How will the voice over be used? Broadcast? Nonbroadcast? On YouTube, social media, internal corporate training, etc.?

A - AUDIENCE How large will the audience be? Is this for a national commercial or a local one? Will this be used at a large corporate event one time only? Generally the larger the audience, the higher the cost.

S - SCRIPT How long is the script? Is this just a few words for a tag at the end of a commercial or is this a twenty-minute e-learning script? Generally, the longer the script, the higher the cost.

T - TURNAROUND How quickly do you need the voice over? Generally the faster the turnaround time, the higher the cost.

E - EXTRAS Do you need any extra services? Sound effects? Background music? Sync to an existing video? Split files? All of these add to the cost.

R - REQUIREMENTS What specific audio requirements do you have? Mp3 or Wav? What bit rate? Normalized to what dB? We need to know these things before you record if you have specific requirements.

A for Audience Size: Broadcast vs. Non-Broadcast Realms

In the dazzling domains of broadcast and non-broadcast voiceovers, the "A" in F.A.S.T.E.R. transcends mere numbers – it's the canvas upon which your voiceover tale is painted. Picture me, your animated guide through this auditory odyssey, spotlight in hand, ready to illuminate the significance of audience size in these unique settings.

Unveiling the Impact: Audience Size in Non-Broadcast

  1. Corporate Chronicles: In the past, we journeyed through corporate realms, but now, in the vast expanse of non-broadcast voiceovers, Audience Size encompasses a broader spectrum. It involves internal training videos, e-learning modules, narration for apps, explainer videos, or even museum exhibits. It's about crafting voiceovers for a diverse array of non-broadcast applications, tailored to engage a specific audience without the vast reach of broadcast.

  2. Digital Domain Delights: Non-broadcast extends to the digital landscape, encompassing webinars, social media content, podcasts, and more. Audience Size here defines the scale of viewers or listeners reached by these digital platforms, shaping voiceover budgets to match their targeted audience.

  3. Eventful Engagements: Imagine voiceovers for live events, trade shows, presentations, or guided tours. Audience Size in these non-broadcast scenarios encompasses the attendees or participants engaged by your voiceover, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates within a limited but attentive audience.

Theatrical Insight: Audience Size and Budgets

Let's weave a tapestry of humor into understanding why Audience Size matters distinctly in broadcast and non-broadcast voiceover settings:

  1. The Red Carpet vs. The Intimate Gathering: Crafting a budget for a broadcast audience versus a non-broadcast audience is akin to preparing for a red-carpet gala versus hosting an intimate gathering at home. Both require tailored approaches to suit their audience sizes.

  2. Stadium Roar vs. Fireside Whisper: A broadcast audience's scale echoes like a stadium's roar, while a non-broadcast audience beckons a fireside whisper. Aligning the budget ensures your voiceover resonates at just the right volume for the occasion.

  3. The Big Screen vs. The Personal Touch: Broadcast voiceovers are like commanding the big screen, while non-broadcast settings offer a personal touch akin to an intimate conversation. Budgeting accordingly ensures your voice delivers precisely what the audience desires.

Navigating Audience Size in Broadcast vs. Non-Broadcast: Practical Tips

For those navigating the voiceover budgeting waters in broadcast and non-broadcast environments, here are practical tips infused with humor:

  1. Tailor Message and Tone: Understand the specific needs and expectations of your non-broadcast audience. Tailor your voiceover style, tone, and messaging to resonate deeply within this more focused setting.

  2. Demographic Delicacies: Analyze the demographics and preferences of your non-broadcast audience segments. Crafting a budget that aligns with their interests ensures your voiceover strikes the right chord.

  3. ROI and Effective Allocation: Consider the return on investment concerning non-broadcast audience size. Sometimes, a smaller budget in non-broadcast settings might yield significant ROI through targeted engagement.

Curtain Call: Embracing Audience Size in Broadcast and Non-Broadcast Realms

As we bid adieu to the fascinating world of Audience Size in broadcast and non-broadcast voiceovers, remember that understanding the audience size is like selecting the perfect stage for your voiceover performance. Craft your voiceover budget with finesse, ensuring it resonates harmoniously with the scale and impact of its intended audience.

Stay tuned for our next act as we unravel the "S" in F.A.S.T.E.R., guiding you through another facet of the captivating world of voice acting budgets.

Until then, may your broadcast reach the farthest corners, and your non-broadcast voiceovers create intimate connections that echo within the hearts and minds of your audience.

With a theatrical flourish and a harmonious cadence,


Your Whimsical Voice Actor Extraordinaire


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